G7 Certification



G7® is part of IDEAlliance’s industry-leading set of specifications for achieving gray balance and is the driving force for achieving visual similarity across all print processes. G7 is a specification and is listed as Technical Report (TR) 015 in ANSI/CGATS.


About G7 Program

Printers who achieve G7 training from certified G7 Experts can become qualified as G7 Master qualified print providers. 

G7 Master status is granted to physical facilities qualified to use the G7 Proof-to-Print Process and uses the most modern technology, techniques, and press controls to produce a close visual match from proof to print

A G7 Master Qualification is granted to a physical facility, equipment and systems. The G7 Master Printer qualification* is valid for one calendar year and must be renewed annually. 

(Note: This is not a Certification, it is a Qualification. No tolerances are imposed at this time. The program may evolve into a true certification in the future as industry data is gathered to support a certification process.)


About IDEAlliance

IDEAlliance (International Digital Enterprise Alliance) is a not-for-profit membership organization that has been a leader in information technology and publishing since 1966. IDEAlliance advances core technology to develop standards and best practices to enhance efficiency and speed information across the end-to-end digital media supply chain - creation, production, management, and delivery of knowledge-based multimedia content - digitally and in print.

 You can view our certification here or through the IDEAlliance G7 Master web site.