File submission and FTP Upload Tips

When your project is ready to be printed, you can submit your file using all standard media formats including: CD, DVD, USB Flash drive, Email, FTP or any internet storage.

We recommend that you attach a proof or mockup with your files since some unforeseen errors could occur when digital files are transferred over electronically. If these files are sent over the internet, please include a PDF file as your proof.

Please contact our sales department to get your specific FTP access information. If you already have your information and files ready, please look at this guide for how to download files through FTP.

  • PC: First, open windows explorer (or press "start"+"e"). Then, type in our ftp site URL on the address bar. You will see a pop-up screen prompting for your user name and password, so enter those information we have provided you accordingly. You would be in your designated FTP folder from our FTP site after you have entered the required information. Now you can upload and download files through our FTP site. Let  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  know if you require further information.
  • For Mac user, please use 3rd party software such as Filezilla or Fetch for uploading files.

 File compression is recommended. Compression will make the file transfer faster and minimize the chance of your files being corrupted during transfer. If you are sending your files from a Mac, use Stuffit (SIT format) or WinZip (ZIP format). If you are sending your files from a PC, use WinZip or WinRAR (RAR format).