Those who give without hesitation will receive more in return.

Since the founding of Horseshoe Press in 1988, our company has not only supported many charities and non-profit organizations financially, but time and manpower to people and causes that need it the most. As a corporate citizen, we believe in supporting community development at home and around the world.

BC Children's Hospital Foundation - Present

We support BC Children's Hospital many different events each year. And here're some of the recent ones.

The Trauma Recovery Project in Cambodia

Thanks to the support of many donors, World Vision helps girls from all parts of Cambodia who have been exploited through trafficking. These girls receive counseling, food, medical and personal care. Before leaving the program, girls are reunited with lost families, placed in foster care, or given the skills to start over independently. Since 1997, World Vision has helped 700 girls ages 4 to 20 with the Trauma Recovery Project in Cambodia.

Community Charities we proudly support:

  • BC Children Hospital
    B.C. Children's Hospital Foundation
  • LungAssociation
    British Columbia Lung Association
  • CCS
    Canadian Cancer Society
  • HeartStroke
    Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC & Yukon
  • wv
    World Vision Canada
  • St.Jame css
    St. James Community Service Society
  • CCM
    CCM of Canada
  • SUCCESS Foundation
    SUCCESS Foundation
  • Make-a-Wish
    Make a Wish Foundation